022 RESONANCE IV Neugestaltung Eingangshalle «Kunst Museum Winterthur, Reinhart am Stadtgarten»

Wettbewerb Neugestaltung Eingangshalle «Kunst Museum Winterthur, Reinhart am Stadtgarten» in Zusammenarbeit mit Rita McBride

Taking the idea of the template as a central focus in our collaborative approach, we began with an artwork in the collection of the Kunst Muesum Winterthur titled “Resonance I–III”. The artwork consists of three wood crafted templates fashioned after tools used to guide curved shapes in ship building.

We selected the template “Resonance III” to be the determining tool in guiding visitors from the city center, Stadthausstrasse, to the welcome hall, where they may pause to acclimate, purchase their entrance and learn of current exhibitions through diverse modes of display.

Taking inspiration from a story about a display structure found in the studio of the architect Luis Barragán where it is said that Barragan placed provocative drawings, reproductions and favorite objects on a special pedestal inviting visitors to take something from the selection home with them and replace it with something that they thought of worthy value to contribute.

In the welcome hall, the inclusion of the three neighboring collections of the Kunstmuseum Winterthur will participate in a similar exchange of stimulation. This exchange is essential to the concept of resonance in our proposal.

«Tulip Pulpit», 2015 Exhibition «Gesellschaft»
at Kestnergesellschaft, Hannover

Resonance I–III, 2006
Collection Kunstmuseum Winterthur

Villa Flora, Winterthur

Rita Mc Bride

Philipp Schaefle
Hendrik Steinigeweg
Ghisleni Partner AG

Kunstgiesserei St.Gallen